Log of Lorelei


The following is extracted from the Log of the yacht Lorelei during the period from Dec. 6, 1985 to June 23, 1986 covering a voyage from San Diego Cal. to Key West Fl. Via the Panama Canal with comments by the Captain inserted where appropriate.


San Diego to Ensenada Mexico

At last ! – Underway from Shelter Cove Marina 0643 Local time

1527Z - Approaching Buoy #5 Position N 32:39;02 W117: 13 :85

1532Z - Course 180 deg REACH

2130Z - Course 95 deg REACH

2300Z - Start Engine. Engine hours 712.7

2357Z - Came about to 145 deg N 32:05:68 W 116:56:84

0133Z - Change course, 20deg N 31:57:79   116:52:76

0240Z - Change course,108deg N 31:53:25 W 116:47:91

0310Z - Change course, 90deg N 31:51:92 W 116:46:07

0518Z - Ensenada Harbor at anchor, Engine time 7.7 hours, 64 gal fuel remains, Used 6 gal.


The crew at this point was John, Lenore and Andy DeMaria. Andy was an old and somewhat salty friend from San Pedro Cal.  Each year at about this time a large procession of sailing yachts gather in San Diego for the trip south to Mexico and from there, who knows? Many head west to the South Pacific but some like us head for the Panama Canal and the Caribbean beyond. The weather along that part of Mexico called “The Mexican Riviera” is glorious that time of year. This year there was approximately 100 of us.

Sunday 8 December 1985

Ensenada to Tortuga

1700Z - Underway

Engine 717.6 hours, Miles 17014

Course 221deg

RPM 1800

1830Z - Abeam Punta Banda

N 31:45:93 W 116:47:21

Contacted Sailing sloop Cajun Blue Channel 16/70 VHF, southbound. Capt. Will Summers, Skipper 1926Z - Change course, 140deg

N 31:43:82 W 116:18:50

0138Z - Change course, 158deg

N 31:05:63 W 116:28:77

Will turned out be quite a sailor. In his tiny 25 ft. sloop he was the only yacht able to stay with us all the way. He was from New Orleans and carried a surf board with him everywhere. If we spotted a stretch of beach with breakers we would loose him for days but he always showed up in the next port.  

Monday 9 December

1524Z - 54 gal fuel remains. Used 10 gal in 22 hours of running

1534Z - Change course 90deg to San Carlos

2230Z - Arrived San Carlos . Anchored 29.5 hours,

49 gal fuel remaining

 Oops! Wrong anchorage This is actually San Fernando   The weather was starting to whip up some high waves so we decided to look for a spot with some protection. Just a few miles away was the infamous San Fernando reef which has claimed several fine yachts, such as the  Good Will. I understand that she lays there to this day.  

Tuesday 10 Dec 1985

2105Z - Underway from point San Fernando anchorage, bound for Cedros Island .

1800Z - Anchored at Cedros Village .  

Cedros is a small island near Guerro Negro Mexico . Which is the site of one of the largest sea salt producing evaporation beds in the world. The weather that night was horrible. Waves were 10 to 15 ft. and the wind howled until sun-up. At one point Andy made the comment that he was sure glad it was dark, because if he could see the size of the waves he would be scared to death. During the night some of the fleet got lost and sailed into Scammonds Lagoon, a dead end with no escape except through the same opening you entered. It was daylight before they figured it out.   

Saturday, 12 December 1985

1632Z - Underway, course145deg.

2130Z - Anchored at Turtle Bay , Fuel remaining 32gal

1430Z - Underway, course 128deg.

1435Z - Overheat alarm – Broken fan belt.

1443Z - Repairs complete.  

Here we purchased our first fuel. It contained algae. This was to haunt us for the remainder of the voyage. It would clog our fuel filters at the most inopportune times

Wednesday, 17 December 1985

1928Z - Isle Ascension starboard beam, Course 112deg Bound for Hipolito

2320Z - Anchored, Hipolito!  

Thursday, 18 December 1985

1600Z - Underway with good off-shore wind

1730Z - Wind dies, Motoring, course, 135deg, spd. 7 kts.

Sailed all night  

Wednesday, 19 December 1985

1845Z - Off Cape Lezaro

0149Z - Off Cape Tosco . 39 gal fuel remaining

0155Z - Engine off, add 1 qt. Oil

0209Z - Underway  

Thursday, 20 December 1985

Anchored at Cabo San Lucas  

At this point the crew consisting of Capt. John, First Mate, Lenore and Able bodied sailor, Andy decided to take a break for Christmas and New Years. There must have been 50 yachts in the harbor and it was party time around the clock. Had to rescue Louie Thomas Of the Yacht Bandit New Years Eve. Louie tried to stand up in his dingy on the way back from the party.

Tuesday, 7 January 1986

1900Z – Attempt to get underway for Mazatlan , starboard anchor dug in hard. Finally tripped it after many attempts.

2100Z - Course change for Los Frales, 20deg

2200z - Returned to Cabo, bad weather. Anchored in outer harbor.  

Thursday, 10 January 1986

1350Z - Underway from Cabo San Lucas with two other yachts, “My Lady” and “Perky II” Course to Mazatlan 75deg, N 22:53 W 109:51

1544Z - Position, N 22:56 W 109:18 could have been 109:38 Sat- nav getting hardto read

1720Z - Position N 22:55 W109:13 or maybe :33

Fuel tank full, 74gal in Cabo  

Friday 11 January 1987

2337Z - Anchored in Mazatlan . 33gal. fuel remaining consumed 41gal. crossing

Added 15 gal of fuel in Mazatlan . Now have 48gal  

We spent the rest of the month in Mazatlan and did some work on Lorelei’s exhaust system, also visited many of our old haunts including the Rancho Limonera where I had lived many years before. Daughter Sheri flew in from San Francisco and joined the crew.  

31 January 1986

2243Z - Depart Mazatlan bound for Isla Isabella

Position, N 23:10:88 W 106:25:40

Engine start, 2230Z Cleared 2320Z

Epirb checked – OK, Course, 150deg

0215Z - Start engine, No wind.

0322Z - Engine off.

2100Z - Anchored at Isabella  

Isabella is a remarkable place. Thousands of sea birds nest here. They share the island with many iguanas. The relationship is somewhat adversarial. Mexico has set the island up as a wild life refuge. If you get a chance visit it.   

2 February 1986

1131Z - Underway bound for San Blass, Engine on.

1223Z - Reset ships log. Spd. 5.5kts  

Calibrated dip stick for fuel

Marker 20=15gal

Marker 33=30gal

Marker 55=45gal

Full =74gal

Lenore says “This is accurate”

5 February 1986

In harbor at San Blass for re-provisioning, very shallow.

Evening anchored at Matenchin and visited Inspiration  

At inspiration a river explodes from the earth and flows down to the sea. This is also possibly the no-see-um capital of the world. Up on a cliff above the present city there is the ruins of an old church dating from the 1500’s  

6 February 1986

1515Z - Underway for Chacala. Course 167deg

Changed course to 205deg. then to 139deg

1949Z - Anchored at Chacala  

7 February 1986

Added fuel Tank now 50gal.  

8 February 1986

1700Z - Anchor aweigh, Chacala

2000Z - Engine on, making 6 kts.

2100Z - Engine off, making 6 kts

2305Z - Engine on with sail, making 7.5 kts

0104Z - Anchored at Punta Mita  

9 February 1986

1500Z - Short run to Nueva Vallarta  

13 February 1986

Removed head from engine, Found we have a burned valve – Looks like we must have a valve job Sent Sheri back to San Diego at this point and she was able to come up with a used head, valves and rocker arm assembly We also got new injectors in Mexico . Lots of time to visit with other yachts and explore surrounding area including a dingy trip up the river. Puerto Vallarta is about one mile away and the location where the famous movie “Knight of the Iguana” was filmed. Liz Taylor and Richard Burton fell in love here and if you have the time to stick around for a while you will understand why. Andy decided that being the only crewmember on board that was not family caused too much conflict, so he jumped ship and returned to San Pedro .  

6 March 1986

1542Z - Cast off at Nueva Vallarta bound for Yalapa. 73 gal of fuel aboard

2000Z - Anchored at Yalapa (There is a sea-story about how we pulled off the

anchoring at Yalapa)


Yalapa is located on Banderas Bay west of Puerto Vallarta . It consists of a few thatched roof structures overlooking a beautiful beach with swaying palm trees. About 100 yards off the beach the depth drops straight down many fathoms. For the unwary it is a good place to loose your anchor, since few yachtsmen attach the bitter end of their anchor rode, it simply runs out and disappears. In this case in water much too deep for retrieval by diving. We put our heads together and came up with a scheme to take advantage of the situation. As we approached the beach we dropped our starboard anchor and allowed it to hang straight down knowing that when it made contact it would stop our forward motion. At this point we applied full rudder which caused Lorelei to spin like a top. When we had our stern toward the beach we launched our dingy with the stern anchor and plenty of rode on board. Sheri and Lenore paddled for all they were worth and dropped the stern anchor just off the beach. This secured Lorelei firmly near the beach which was our intended destination. All of this was carefully observed by the patrons of the little thatched bar a few yards away. Later when we stopped in for our night-cap we received a round of applause and took our bows before a most gracious audience.

7 March 1986

Yalapa is N20:14 W 105:43.5

1510Z - Underway, course 270deg under power “There’s Haley’s Comet overhead”

1632Z - Changed course to 238deg

1830Z - Abeam of Cabo Corrientes, course 180deg.

2125Z - Anchored at Ipala, fuel 69gal added 1qt. oil  

8 March 1986

1250Z - Aweigh anchor Ipala, course 180deg

1730Z - Course 125deg Under Sail

2350Z - Anchored at Chamela in 4 fathoms of water  

9 March 1986

1700Z - Start engine

1717Z - Up anchor bound for Playa Blanca in Bahia Careys

1810Z - Under sail

2000Z - Anchored in Bahia Careys  

10 March 1986

1443Z - Up anchor bound for Bahia Navidad

1716Z - Engine off, Under sail

1830Z - Lorelei collides with giant Manta ray, Wow!

2000Z - Anchored at Bahia Navidad.  

This was one very large fish. It was laying just under the surface enjoying theMexican sunshine and evidently did not notice our approach.  

11 March 1986

2145Z - 15gal. Fuel added to tank. Total 60gal.  

13 March 1986

1519Z - Anchor aweigh, bound for Las Hadas Manzinillo

2045Z - Anchored at Las Hadas Hotel – Total decadence  

14 March 1986

1430Z - Inside Las Hadas anchorage, tied up Med style Agua Potable available  

16 March 1986

1630Z - Leave Las Hadas bound for Pechinguillo, Course, 175deg.

(Will from Cajun Blue came aboard to say hello. Will join us in next port)

1830Z - Course 200deg. Under sail.

1930Z - Course, 98deg. Under Sail, Beating, add 1 qt. Oil, fuel 54gal.

2345Z - Course, 130deg.Engine (iron jib) on.  

17 March 1986

0001Z - Iron jib off, Under sail

0100Z - Iron jib on , wind zero

0823Z - Course 85deg. To Punta San Telmo

0906Z - Under sail

0910Z - Course, 100deg.

0925Z - Wind zero Iron Jib on, Course 110deg.

1017Z - Course, 130deg. Reduce spd. To 4 kts.

1154Z - Course, 90deg.

1206Z - Course, 80deg.

1301Z - Course, 310deg.

1429Z - Course, 100deg.

1716Z - Anchored Pechilinguillo

1800Z - Exhaust valve #3 adjusted checked all valve clearances, Lubricating oil

OK, Fuel 43gal.

2200Z - Anchor aweigh bound for Zihuatanejo. Course, 105deg. Wind 10 kts.  

18 March 1986

0130Z - Iron jib on

0325Z - Engine off, Autopilot not working

0510Z - Engine on ,Auto pilot repaired

0823Z - First sighting of light at Lezaro Cardenas

0900Z - Abeam of light at Lezaro Cardenas

1310Z - Course change 90deg.

1630Z - Anchored at Zihauatanejo, Throttle linkage parted during anchoring maneuver.

Engine shut down. Repaired linkage, add 1 qt. Of oil. Added fuel now 33gal.  

Right here I had a birthday. Now 63 years young. Sheri and Lenore both caught food poisoning from dinner at the Club Med Dining room. Here we found Rene and signed her on as crew. She had been hitchhiking aboard Sailing vessels all the way from the USA . She gave us one more person to help on those long watches and turned out to be a very amiable crew member  

25 March 1986

1818Z - Start engine

1820Z - Up anchor bound for Bara Potosi

1840Z - Under way, Jib only.

2030Z - Anchored Bara Potosi  

26 March 1986

1540Z - Up anchor, underway to Tequepa, Under power.

1830Z - Engine off. Under sail

2015Z - Power on, sails down, no wind.

2200Z - Anchored, Bahia Tequepa behind breakwater

Marines Boarded Lorelei

Fuel 30gal. Lube oil OK. Drifter repaired.

We spent a few anxious hours with a boat load of very tough looking Mexican Marines carrying some very large M-16’s. Fortunately we had loaded up on several bottles of Bacardi Rum which allowed us to change what looked like a nasty situation into a pleasant social encounter nonetheless we hauled anchor and departed at our first opportunity.

27 March 1986

1530Z - On board work

1) Tightened packing gland on rudder shaft

2) Cleaned contact points on autopilot binnacle

3) Discovered leak in saltwater hose on discharge side of pump. Trimmed and refitted hose

4) Generator belt chafing on fresh water hose. Changed pulley.

5) Replaced starboard jib sheet

6) General clean-up

1935Z - Anchor aweigh bound for Acapulco , Ole! Course 105deg. Checked high volume bilge pump.  

28 March 1986

0321Z - Added 1 qt. oil. Course, 100deg.

0826Z - Sighted Isla Roquesta

0900Z - Engine off, roller furler only 1.5 kts

1200Z - Engine off, no wind

1500Z - Anchored at Acapulco yacht club, 16gal. fuel remaining.  

29 March 1986

1500Z - Med tied to concrete dock at Club de Yachtes. Lose starboard anchor and Lenore rows out and sets it - Heavy surge and crazy winter sky.

At this point our satellite navigator gave up. So we used the sextant from here to Panama  

30 March 1986

1400Z to 2030Z - 1) oil and oil filter changed, 968 engine hours now

2) Noted deterioration in fuel line, Removed and replaced

3) Checked valve clearances, no adjustment necessary

4) Disassembled and lubricated anchor windlass and cleaned power terminal

5) New halyard lead on spare sheave

6) Replaced terminal on oil pressure switch  

31 March 1986

1500Z - Refueled 264.2 liters and topped off water. Anchored in bay, sail covers on, wind generator, assembled and mounted, wind scoop in place. Sheri heads for Mexico City to get our papers in order.

April 1986

1345Z - Anchor aweigh bound for Puerto Escondido. Course 104deg.

1757Z - Under sail.  

8 April 1986

0000Z - Under power, no wind

1830Z - Anchored at Bahia Chacahua

1) Autopilot, cleaned contacts and replaced lamp

2) Port navigation light replaced. Power connection replaced  temporarily.

9 April 1986

1431Z - Anchor aweigh bound for Puerto Escondido. Added 1 qt oil. Course, 104 deg. Iron jib

2115Z - Anchored Puerto Escondito  

10 April 1986

1500Z - Topped off fuel, 100gal on board, Re-provisioned  

12 April 1986

Here we prepared ourselves for crossing The Gulf of Tehuantepec. We had been hearing about this place since we left San Diego . Rumor has it that the wind hits 100 mph almost every day. There is a strange adiabatic phenomena here caused by winds from the Atlantic side of the isthmus falling down over the mountains. We decided to take a few days and watch for a window of opportunity. I talked to an old fisherman in the port and he told me it was easy if you keep one foot on the beach. We followed his advice but I must say it is a bit disconcerting in the black of night hear the surf crashing only a few feet away from our port side. His advice was good and we came through it unscathed. Some of the other Yachts that crossed at about the same time were not so fortunate. The urge to leave the beach and head for deep water was too strong. We later repaired the radar on one who had experienced a complete knockdown during his crossing.

1025Z - Anchor aweigh bound for Costa Rica with possible intermediate stops.

Course ,South for 1 hour then 98deg.

1412Z - Under sail

1418Z - Caught a big fish

1855Z - Gulf of Tehuantepec !

2115Z - Under power, wind 10 to 15 kts. Seas 6 to 8 ft off the stern 

13 April 1986

0045Z - Anchored Huatulco

1) Checked lubrication and water – OK

2) Removed and cleaned sediment bowel and strainers

3) Lubricated Windless and cleaned clutch

4) Repaired Radar reflector halyard. Trip meter reads 79.8 kt miles

1500Z - Anchor aweigh. Motor sailed all day.  

14 April 1986

0350Z - Anchored at Salina Cruz. Fuel 48 gal. Trip meter 153.68 kt miles

0100Z - Over temperature alarm sounds. Temp 212deg. while maneuvering among tankers, Anchored

That night I swore I would never enter a strange port at night as long as I live. You cannot imagine what maneuvering in a harbor with no engine where there are many large tankers, some underway, does for your nerves 

Apparent blockage of salt water intake – Added fresh water

1400Z - 1) Reseated lamp and connection on automatic pilot

2) Checked and topped off battery water

3) Checked salt water circulation, OK

4) Re-torqued head bolts

5) Replaced coax to antenna tuner

6) Made connection solid for lamp to LP solenoid

1800Z - Anchor aweigh Puerto Madera. Course 80deg. Motor sailing

1900Z - Under sail, Course 100deg  

15 April 1986

0300Z - Iron jib on – no wind. Course 110deg.

0930Z - Abeam Aristae

1717Z - Sails up, engine off. Course 130deg. Wind 3 to 5 kts. Diesel fumes lead to discovery of rupture in aft section of exhaust pipe Temporarily replaced with rubber hose and hose clamps.

2305Z - Iron jib on – No wind  

16 April 1986

0715Z - Anchored at Puerto Madero, Fuel 32gal.

1500Z - Aft section of exhaust pipe re-welded. Zinc electrode added. 28.25 gal. fuel added, tank full provisioned, no agua potable available.

17 April 1986

1930Z - 1 qt. Oil added, fuel filter changed, reset belt tension.  

18 April 1986

1613Z - Up anchor at Puerto Madero bound for Playa del Cocos, Costa Rica

1800Z - Watch change, John and Rene

2025Z - Main up, engine off.

2200Z - Watch change, Lenore and Sheri. Course, 160deg.  

Happy anniversary John and Lenore  

19 April 1986 (Our 6th wedding Anniversary)

0030Z - Iron jib on

0126Z - Change course to 110deg.

0200Z - Watch change J&R

0755Z - Iron jib on again

0830Z - Change course to 120deg.

1040Z - Sat-Nav fix N 13:49 W91:11

1050Z - Change course to 160deg.

1400Z - Watch change S&L

1439Z - Change course to 110deg.

1800Z - Watch change J&R

2125Z - Sailfish strike, Accommodating fish takes line and hook. Two more hookups

2200Z - Watch change J&R

0050Z - Checked oil --- Happy birthday Sheri.  

Watch Schedule

0800 1200: S&L

1200 1600: J&R

1600 2000: S&L

2000 0000 J&R

0000 0400 S&L

0400 0800 J&R

0200Z - Watch change.

0500Z - Change course to 85deg. Due to strong set & drift south.

1000Z - Returned to 110deg.

1300Z - 44gal. fuel remaining in tank

0800Z - Watch change. Porpoises everywhere, sounds and antics

1800Z - Watch change.

2145Z - Iron jib off, 1.5qts. oil added, 42 gal. fuel remains

2200Z - Watch change.  

21 April 1986

2158Z - Course change 105deg. Cleaned sediment bowl.  

22 April 1986

All watch changes observed. 10 gal fuel added underway

Winds 18 to 20 kts. Sea-state 6

 23 April 1986

Anchored at Bahia Santa Elena (Port Parker). 1 qt oil added 32 gal fuel Cleaned sediment bowl and changed fuel filter Topped off water tanks  

24 April 1986

1215Z - Anchor aweigh bound for Bahia del Cocos, Motor sailing. Course 280deg Sediment bowl and strainer cleaned under way.

1600Z - Making 8 to 9 kts under jib alone. Incredible passage through Bahia Murcielago. Winds gusting to 35kts.

2200Z - Anchored at Bahia del Cocos – Greeted by Murray and a hot shower!

  Murray was an expatriate who lived on the beach and gave advice to Yachties by ham radio. In our case the advice was all bad. He directed us through a pass with a group of offshore islands between us and the open sea. That is the day that I learned what the old sailors were talking about when they spoke of “Clawing off of a lea shore”  

1 May 1986

1230Z - Anchor aweigh bound for Bahia Portrero

1530Z - Tied to dock. Added 44.44 gal fuel. Topped off water. Changed oil filter. Cleaned sediment bowl, Rebuilt foot switch for windlass. Dissembled main winch and lubricated, Discovered and repaired new hole in exhaust system.

2 May 1986

Replaced alternator belt, Repaired inflatable, sewed dingy cover, Tuned shrouds, Found starboard rear turnbuckle frozen, Resealed starboard windows, Cleaned Lexan windows, Note – Bottom zincs must be replaced in one month.  

3 May 1986

1230Z - Cast off  

4 May 1986

1815Z - Anchored at Punta Quyepos (Banana port). Fuel 45-50 gal 1.5 qts. oil, cleaned sediment bowl, tightened connection on windlass power engage switch.

5 May 1986

1) Cleaned contacts on autopilot gimbals

2) Replaced power lead to port nav- light, jury rigged lamp socket

3) Added 19 gal fuel

4) Sheri baked a cake and made a pot of beans

5) Navigation calculator reprogrammed

1930Z - Anchor aweigh, chain fouled around both flukes.  

7 May 1986

1815Z - Anchored at Golfito , Costa Rica , 1 qt oil added. 42 gal of fuel.

Talk about a tropical paradise, this is it. We talked ourselves out of leaving three times but hurricane season would start in June and we could not waste time. So we said goodbye to Will on Cajun Blue and headed for the Panama Canal .

16 May 1986

1805Z - Anchor aweigh bound for Panama Canal Respective watches maintained

18 May 1986

1 qt oil added

Repaired sensitive relay on automatic pilot

19 May 1986

Patched new hole in exhaust pipe

Topped off fuel approx. 27.5 gal, tank full

20 May 1986

1145Z - Anchored Tobago Panama

1900Z - Anchor aweigh bound for Balboa Bay Yacht Club

2100Z - Moored at BYC, Topped off fuel 63 gal

Tobago is a small island in the Gulf of Panama .

While in Panama we bought a new satellite navigator. That was a real blow to our dwindling supply of money.  

22 May 1986

0846 - Cast off mooring for Panama Canal . Engine overheated going to dock to pick up pilot.  

Pilot - Onfre Sousa Po box 1356 Panama 1 Panama, Republic of Panama

Line handlers - 

1) Will Davis Box 10 Anchor Point, Alaska , 99664 Crew from Yacht, S/V Eagles

2) Louis Dupree Box 1594 Seward Alaska , 99664 Capt from Yacht, Nest  

Completed transit of canal in tact. Mimosas for crew and Salud to Lorelei, Fethe the cat too

2230Z - Med moored at Cristobal Yacht Club  

29 May 1986

1) Replaced zinc on engine salt water system

2) Change lube oil filter

3) Changed fuel sediment bowl and strainer

4) Put bioguard in fuel tank

5) Topped off fuel, added 5 gal.

6) Added water to engine reservoir, What’s happening to the water?

7) Checked battery water OK  

30 May 1986

42 gal fuel in auxiliary tank + 30 gal extra in Jerry cans  

2 June 1986

New water pressure cap, 7psi  

3 June 1986

1300Z - Anchor aweigh bound for Grand Cayman

Respective watches observed

1745Z - Engine off. Position 4’45”

1220Z - Engine on, no wind  

4 June 1986

0425Z - Engine off, Position 6’25”  

5 June 1986

0639Z - Engine off Position S 12:42 N79:08 7’40”

0711Z - 45 gal fuel in main tank

1359Z - Engine on S13:06 W79:02

1429Z - Course change to 60deg. Thunderstorm S13:09 W79:01

1800Z - Engine off S 13:09 W78:57

1845Z - Engine on S 13:28 W78:57

2125Z - Barometer 29.88 Beautiful Man-of-war along side

2245Z - Engine off S13:46 W78:53, Added 1 qt oil

That was no thunderstorm that was a tropical wave. The thing hurricanes are made of.  

6 June 1986

0929Z - Engine off S14:43 W78:33

1145Z - Engine on S14:52 W78:31

1219Z - Barometer 29.9

1232Z - Engine off S14:56 W78:30

1930Z - Engine on Baro. 29.9, Hove to, 20 ft seas, squally weather, Changed fuel filters discovered fresh water leaking from heat exchanger  

7 June 1986

1830Z - Anchored Port Esquival Jamaica , in the Portland Bight.  

8 June 1986

1400Z - Guided to Old Harbor Bay by 3 local fishermen. Refueled and topped off water, food, Visited Immigration in Spanish Town This was an unscheduled stop but I was so beat from fighting the storm that some rest was required  

9 June 1986

Feast on board: Stuffed Bok Bob (skin fish) rice and sweet potatoes & Boiled green bananas. Prepared by local cooks Errol, Bailey & Milton. Sheri sows us a Jamaican Flag from scratch. Looks like the real thing. Errol, Bailey & Milton were Jamaican fisherman, they also served as our body guards while we were in Jamaica . 

10 June 1986

1) Installed new gasket on heat exchanger

2) Cleaned Thermostat and checked

3) Removed and cleaned oil pressure and engine temperature transducers.

4) Re-connected RPM cable

5) Mast head strobe and anchor light not working

Off to Spanish Town for exit stamp at immigration  

12 June 1986

1110Z - Anchor aweigh bound for USA . Engine on

1600Z - Engine off

2145Z - Engine on  

13 June 1986

0430Z - Engine on

1035Z - Engine off

1230Z - Add 1 qt oil, clean sediment bowl

1310Z - Engine on  

14 June 1986

1114Z - Engine off running with reefed main and working jib. Checked oil & fuel filter OK

1940Z - Engine on. Course240deg.

2030Z - Course, 308deg. Sheri made radio contact with port security and requested to have her mail forwarded to Key West

2130Z - Hailed by a police boat from Grand Cayman .

 They requested that we follow them into Grand Cayman , Georgetown Harbor and side tie for inspection. Passed inspection. in Georgetown Harbor . Received call from Immigration and Customs. Anchored temporarily. Port security requested we tie up at dock. 2300Z - Docked at Georgetown Passed customs and immigration. Fumigation by health official. Picked up mail. One little side note on the inspection. We were carrying extra supplies in our bilge in sealed in plastic bottles. One contained Bisquick (an unidentified white powder so far as the inspector was concerned) He missed the point of my humor when I offered to make him some pancakes with it. Instead he hauled out his chemistry set and carefully checked it for drugs.  

15 June 1986

0045Z - Anchored for night in Georgetown Harbor  

16 June 1986

Temporary repairs to Navigation lights. Cleaned fuel filter, Add 1 qt oil Topped

off engine cooling water.

1705Z - Start engine

1710Z - Anchor aweigh. Last stop before Key West (Happy fathers day)

2100Z - Engine on.  

17 June 1986

0315Z - Engine off.

0510Z - Engine on.

0815Z - Engine off.

Respective watches maintained, Oil checked OK 45 – 50 gal fuel remaining

1205Z - Engine on. 1 qt oil added. Check sediment bowl, OK.

2155Z - Engine off.  

19 June 1986

1800Z - Cleaned sediment bowl. Added 1 qt oil. Added 25 gal fuel from jerry

cans. Now approx. 50 gal. fuel in main tank plus 1, 5gal jerry can. Added

12 gal fresh water to water tank from jerry can. Approx. 14 gal fresh

water remains on board. ONE DAY TO GO!  

20 June 1986

1900Z - Emptied water in sediment bowl. Checked lube oil, OK. 35 miles from KeyWest

1920Z - Hove to outside Key West ships channel. Waiting for morning light.  

21 June 1986

1145Z - Imagine! A slip at Galleon Marina, Key West . Cleared by customs.

Called Lenore’s mother friend Carol Ray and sister Joanne. WE MADE IT!  

23 June 1986


24 June 1986

1100Z - Cast off bound for Stock Island , Safe Harbor Marina and a permanent slip for Lorelei


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